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Emergency service under special circumstances

    Welcome to this window for going through the formalities of emergency service under special circumstances. Please pay attention to the following relevant contents of which you are informed. Thanks for your cooperation.

    I. Qualifications:

    When under any of the following circumstances, foreigners can apply for emergency service for visa or residence permit:

    1. Members of foreign group in urgent need of returning to their countries and who apply for individual visa separated from the group visa;

    2. Foreign seamen transiting through Shanghai who apply for a visa;

    3. Foreigners whose passports were lost and apply for a new visa;

    4. Foreigners leaving China for funerals or for visiting critically ill patients;

    5. Foreigners who apply for visa or residence permit under other urgent circumstances.

    II. Formalities:

    1. Filling the Form of Urgent Business in Urgent Need of Handling;

    2. Submitting relevant certificates of proof for emergency service;

    3. Submitting other relevant documents for applying for visa or residence permit.

    Note: 1. Applicants must go through the procedure by themselves;

    2. If exit-entry administrative organization under public security organ, as it considers necessary, requires to interview the applicant or to demand the applicant to submit other supplementary materials, however, the applicant fails to undergo the interview or submit the materials at/during the appointed time/period, the application will be deemed as cancelled, unless force majeure.

    III. Business Hours and Location:

    Monday—Saturday 9:00—17:00

    Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau

    IV. Time Limit:

    Within 3 working days if application documents are complete.

    V. Fee Standard: No extra charge for emergency service.